Freedom - Taking Responsibility

I cannot buy freedom. No so-called state gives me freedom either. I can only experience freedom within myself. Taking responsibility for my life is a conscious decision when I take full responsibility for my life.

Taking responsibility means accepting life as it is, with all its ups and downs, with all its feelings, with all its emotions.

Far too often I blamed external circumstances for my life not going as I imagined.

On my way to self-responsibility, which I am still on, I came across deep-seated beliefs. These imprints of the subconscious are inner obstacles and build illusions about life.

Dissolving these illusions requires patience and a lot of energy and is not always easy.

But the path is worthwhile, because life rewards you if you take it.

Go the way inwards, discover your inner world and bit by bit you will bring your inner freedom into your life.

Decide to live your life and take responsibility!

Best wishes

Your Martin

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